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A GladLABS Sales Affiliate receives significant recurring payments by making customer referrals for GladLABS’ products and services.  

For example, if you refer your local baker, law firm or plumber who purchases a GladLABS ‘Custom 5pg Website’ (a $1200.00 product price), you’ll receive a $300.00 commission!  Imagine this can happen daily. Payments for referrals are issued weekly.  We have many different products. 

Select ‘REGISTER NOW’, fill in the requested fields and we will contact you. Once reviewed, you will receive support and reference materials entitling you to 25% commissions on all selected products and services.  

Just complete two easy steps: 

1). Select ‘REGISTER NOW’ above, filling in the requested information  

2). Select the GREEN‘ACTIVATE AFFILIATE ACCOUNT‘ BUTTON, on your new GladLABS Member Dashboard.  

You will be contacted for an introductory interview.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our GladLABS family.  GladLABS Affiliate Sales Program is a great business experience and revenue opportunity.

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