10 Jun

Social Media Specialist Part 1

Social Media Specialist

Becoming a Social Media Specialist is not always as easy as you might think. It’s a combination of many different talents with the ability to execute any of those given talents at the blink of an eye.


Consider if you will writing. Writing is something that few give much thought to when going through school. You do writing because the teacher gives you an assignment and then mandates that you turn it in. This requires the ability to communicate in written form. If you’re not able to handle grammar or spelling, then at the very least you will have lots of red marks on your paper. Depending on the instructor and the class, you may also suffer the consequences of those red marks by the lowering of your grade for that assignment.

The hard part about writing in school (or otherwise), is that you may not be gifted in coming up with the ideas for the given topic. If you’re lucky, your teacher may actually let you chose the topics that you want to do. With some people, that’s worse than an assigned topic because they’re not creative in coming up with their own ideas for that topic.

How does all of this play into being a Social Media Specialist? It’s simple, part of what a Social Media person does is to write blogs. The good and the bad news is along the same lines. If you work for a craftsman of some sort, all of your blogs will be focused around the type of craft that that person does. It also means that those that read your blogs will all be focused to those that are familiar with the topic. Consider that some of those will be experts and some will not. Each of these has it’s own challenges as well. When you write for a beginner in the field, you have to make things simple for them to understand. If on the other hand, you’re writing for an expert, you’re not going to be able to bluff them. You will actually need to know what you’re talking about and give that expert something new that they may not have thought of already.

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