15 Sep 2015

Why Have PPC Managed?

PPC or Pay Per Click can be a difficult beast to tame. People often lose money trying it out on their own. If the settings are not done properly you may have hundreds of dollars racked up in costs that are wasted on individuals that are not even inside your geography. Its easy to misread your statistics and think you have spent 20 dollars when the tiny date range is set to today and in reality you spend $400. If you were a journalist covering Google Adwords on a full time basis, you would have trouble keeping up with that system and the continuously added new features. A certified professional can help you navigate these waters and create a profitable campaign. GladLABS can help you do this creatively and scientifically.

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11 Sep 2015

GladLABS Blog Welcome

We welcome you to the GladLABS blog. We will be posting some great information that you can use for concrete steps to move your business ahead. Stay tuned.

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