Grow Customers with
Facebook Ads

Now you can more successfully increase your customer base and followers in a demographically targeted online marketing strategy. will setup, create and optimize an ads campaign in Facebook to drive targeted traffic to your website. This involves sophisticated campaign setups, banner creation and continuous testing and improvement.

These ads will target people who live in the area of choice, and / or agreed upon demographics to pursue aggressively as clients. We can target, for example, “Women 50 – 60 years old, married or single, with incomes at $100k or $250k and above, who might be beach area home owners,” etc. The targeting can be very specific both at the local and national levels.

The ads can target potential clients as designated population environments (for example local hotels, colleges, schools, professional offices etc).  Setting up Facebook Ads will focus your AD investment toward effective transparent returns (ROI) based on the predictive exposure and ongoing analytics in this high volume platform AD setting.

Facebook Ads Setup and Management Package

Facebook Marketing


  • Setup and Managed by a Facebook Ads team member.
  • Analysis and Keyword Research.
  • Sophisticated structuring or restructuring of Campaigns.
  • Re-marketing Campaign set up.
  • Includes the whole month’s optimization of ads. (Second month or optimization and management would be at 15% of previous months ad spend).
  • Data based methods. Creative testing and scientific approach.


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