Reputation Management & Online Repair - Level One Repair

Your reputation matters. We can help improve your reputation online significantly.

Online Reputation Management


$800.00 month

  • Analysis of your current situation.  Assess if this basic LEVEL ONE REPUTATION REPAIR product will be satisfactory or if our more intensive GladLABS team work repair solution will be required.
  • Development of personal or business profiles and microsites 5 to 8 monthly.
  • Linkage to positive placements and all profiles from social sharing areas (social bookmarking, social shopping).
  • Development of enthusiast pages into key high ranking established websites (such as Hubpages, Sirgo, ). 2 monthly.
  • Various one way linkage from external pages that have opportunity to rank above negatives or future negatives to help increase their rank above negatives.
  • Blog creation and seeding.
  • Video creation (montages from static photos and text slides). 1 per month.
  • Integration of videos into YouTube and other video platforms.
  • Guidance regarding local listings if applicable to increase front page placement and positive exposure.
  • Strategic steps as needed.
  • Biweekly reporting and monthly summary.


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