10 Jun

Social Media Specialist Part 2


Friends. Are you someone that has the ability to make friends easily? Are you able to connect with people without a second thought and get to the heart of the matter, what’s really bothering them. If this sounds like you, then consider that becoming a Social Media Specialist may be right for you. Social media by its nature means that you’re going to be spending a lot of time on social media. You’re going to have to build relationships with people. That means that you become their friends and invest in their lives without ever really meeting them. Sometimes this is easier than other times.

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Consider that if you follow someone on Twitter, that you’re going to be able to follow everything that they post about. You’re going to get to know what their views are on a given topic and you’re going to be able to engage with them on those topics. As a result of getting to know them, you will be able to see who will be able to use your clients needs and who won’t. If they don’t meet your current client’s needs, consider that you don’t need to unfriend them. After all, you may change companies and you may also start your own company. They may need those services that are offered by the new company. That’s a win-win for both of you.

You need to become friends with those that friend you. I’ve recently had someone in social media befriend me to only have him cram his business down my throat as soon as I ‘befriended’ him back. People don’t want to feel used by you, so don’t use them. There’s a decided difference between sharing something that you do with a friend, and pushing your agenda on them without even getting to know them. It is not a good practice to get into, I strongly recommend that you don’t.

Also, consider that people know if you’re truly investing in them or if you’re trying to use them for their own gain. While it may take longer to invest in people, the ROI (return on investment) that you get from investing in them is far beyond the short term relationship. Always give your attention to investing in people for the long term and you’ll not only be deeply satisfied, but others will appreciate you as well. Remember, if people know that you truly care about them and not what they can do for you, they’ll go the extra mile to help you when you need that help.

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