10 Jun 2016

Social Media.

Social Media

In a day and age when distance is common in business, it’s something that has to be left behind when you’re going to be doing Social Media.  The reason is simple: social media demands that you be in touch with people and get to know them.  Really know them, not just on a superficial level, but on a level where you can truly get to know the people.  Social Media demands that you not do business as usual.  Social Media requires that you not be belittling or condescending to your customers.  In a world where it’s always about cold electronics, social media is a breath of fresh air.  Social media demands that you interact with people on a human level.


Social Media is just that SOCIAL.  It’s where the future of communication is and business.  People even in corporations want to know that you care about them at a deeper level that impacting and deepening your bottom line. If you’re one of those that thinks you can bluff people, know that they will sense that you’re in it to improve your bottom line only and they’ll run far and you’ll never be able to gain the profits that a true friend will gain.

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Then Who?

So now you may be asking who is social media for?  Who in fact, would be the perfect for social media?  Are you outgoing?  Are you friendly?  Do you care more about making others happy and meeting their needs then the bottom line?  If so you are perfect for social media.  Social media allows for you to be creative and requires you to think outside of the box.  It’s where the same old same old doesn’t work, because people want genuine not strong arm.  So the only questions left for you is which platforms are you going to master and when are you going to start?

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10 Jun 2016

Hot Tip Of The Day

There’s so much to know and do in any given field.  It’s not always easy to know what’s what or even where to start.  When you’re at the beginning of a journey when you know there’s so much, where do you start.  It’s often say a journey of a thousands miles begins with the first step.  This is such an understatement because there’s so much more that occurs even before those first steps.  It’s those preparatory steps that are often over looked.  So how does that unfold with Social Media.  Put the first things first.


First Thing:

The first thing that you need to look at is having a ramp up period.  It’s easy for others that can’t do what you’re in the process of learning and beginning to have patients.  People tend to what everything to be perfect from the beginning.  The reality is; it’s not and your not going to be.  Even when you’ve got the basics down, you’re still going to make mistakes and have things that you have to learn.  Be easy on yourself.   That doesn’t mean that you dilly or don’t work to move forward.  That means that you give yourself time to learn, process and find what’s going to work best for you.


Make lists of what you need and want to get from each person involved with you.  For example, you will need to find out how often they want to be contacted.  You may think one week is frequently enough.  But if they have the jitters, it may be twice a week or even daily.  A miscommunication on this front may cost you unnecessary time, anxiety and potentially that job that you worked so hard to get.  Find out what they’re expecting and if necessary, over communicate.  Don’t let someone else do the communicating for you.

Tweaking:  Even when you get the basics down that you need, you’re going to find that there will be things that you need to tweak.  Some things will work for one client or employer, but the next one will want nothing to do with what the first wanted.  What one considers to be urgent, the other doesn’t.   Never assume that you can transfer everything from one client or employer to the next.

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15 Sep 2015

Why Have PPC Managed?

PPC or Pay Per Click can be a difficult beast to tame. People often lose money trying it out on their own. If the settings are not done properly you may have hundreds of dollars racked up in costs that are wasted on individuals that are not even inside your geography. Its easy to misread your statistics and think you have spent 20 dollars when the tiny date range is set to today and in reality you spend $400. If you were a journalist covering Google Adwords on a full time basis, you would have trouble keeping up with that system and the continuously added new features. A certified professional can help you navigate these waters and create a profitable campaign. GladLABS can help you do this creatively and scientifically.

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11 Sep 2015

GladLABS Blog Welcome

We welcome you to the GladLABS blog. We will be posting some great information that you can use for concrete steps to move your business ahead. Stay tuned.

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