10 Jun

Social Media.

Social Media

In a day and age when distance is common in business, it’s something that has to be left behind when you’re going to be doing Social Media.  The reason is simple: social media demands that you be in touch with people and get to know them.  Really know them, not just on a superficial level, but on a level where you can truly get to know the people.  Social Media demands that you not do business as usual.  Social Media requires that you not be belittling or condescending to your customers.  In a world where it’s always about cold electronics, social media is a breath of fresh air.  Social media demands that you interact with people on a human level.


Social Media is just that SOCIAL.  It’s where the future of communication is and business.  People even in corporations want to know that you care about them at a deeper level that impacting and deepening your bottom line. If you’re one of those that thinks you can bluff people, know that they will sense that you’re in it to improve your bottom line only and they’ll run far and you’ll never be able to gain the profits that a true friend will gain.

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Then Who?

So now you may be asking who is social media for?  Who in fact, would be the perfect for social media?  Are you outgoing?  Are you friendly?  Do you care more about making others happy and meeting their needs then the bottom line?  If so you are perfect for social media.  Social media allows for you to be creative and requires you to think outside of the box.  It’s where the same old same old doesn’t work, because people want genuine not strong arm.  So the only questions left for you is which platforms are you going to master and when are you going to start?

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