Pay Per Call Setup and Management

Just think! You only pay Google when you get an actual phone call. No continual advertising listing fees.

Pay Per Call Setup and Management Package

Search Engine Marketing


  • Our fee for the first month. You pay Google for call charges separately.
  • We highly recommend getting a tracking phone number (optional). The charges for that are minimal. We would set that up for you.
  • If you choose an optional tracking phone number, the calls will be recorded and you will be able to capture all the actual user phone numbers even if you missed a call.
  • Setup and Managed by an GladLABS Marketing Team member.
  • Analysis and Keyword Research.
  • Sophisticated structuring or restructuring of Campaigns.
  • Re-Marketing Campaign set up where applicable.
  • Includes the whole month’s optimization of ads and bids. (Second month or optimization and management would be at 15% of previous months ad spend).
  • Data based methods. Creative testing and scientific approach.

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